This is going to be the first beautiful weekend we have had in some time. It is going to be near 80 all weekend long. What a great opportunity to get outside and play in our wonderful state or finally get some of that Spring cleaning done.

This will be a great time to get on that bike and go for a ride. You could go up to Estes and enjoy that beautiful drive. You could clean out that garage. You could spray for weeds and get your yard looking good. You could finally clean those windows you can't see out of. You could fill the sandbox and just play with the kids. You could also fill up the pool or the slip and slide in the front yard and enjoy the warm temps. I know that is what the grandkids and I plan on doing.

This is also a great weekend to look around and see what kind of home improvements are long overdue. That is where the K99 Home Improvement Contest comes in. Click here to see all the great items you could win to make your home ready for the outdoor season. Have a great weekend and enjoy the warm weather and our wonderful state.