I was at the first showing of  War Horse on Christmas Day. I’d looked forward to this movie since the ads saturated TV air time for weeks leading up to the opening. Movie critics have called it corny and saccharine though I suspect most succumbed to the emotional bond between animals and humans… rolling their eyes one minute…daubing tears the next.

There was nothing discrete about MY emotional state during this movie.  I

started crying at the beginning when ‘Joey’ was born, continued to weep

at the joys of watching him frolic, yes FROLIC, on the English countryside.

The tears continued as he was taken from his mother and sold to a family

and used as a plow horse, an unlikely job for a gorgeous thorough bred.

My blubbering continued when his family had to let him go as a military

mount in WWI, and that’s where the movie really started.

I sobbed uncontrollably for the next hour and a half as I saw the atrocities

of war through the eyes of a brave, kind, strong soul. There was no distinction

between enemies and allies for Joey. I’m not sure I could see this movie again, but it’s been with me constantly.  If you like movies that make you feel, don’t miss War Horse.