A few weeks ago I wanted to start a feature that honored those in our lives who served in the military either recently or years ago. It's true that most, if not all who served our country, really don't want or care for any recognition but that doesn't mean that friends, family and loved ones can't say thanks.

I have heard many great stories from friends over the years about people in their lives and you can hear the passion when they talk about how proud they are of these individuals and so I thought this would be a great platform to talk about all the great stories and history that helped build this country.


We'd love to hear about your Grandfather at one of the Battles of the Marne or maybe he was at the Battle of the Buldge. How about your Grandmother or Mom working as a surgical nurse in Korea or your sister or brother who served in Vietnam. How about the Wives/Moms from Desert Storm? Better yet, we'd love to hear about your Great Grandfather in the Civil War. The stories are there, you just have to share them with us.

If you are asking what the requirements are, there are none at this point. I want to share your stories, every single Friday.  Tell me, from your heart, why the person you are nominating is your hero.

Please send all pertinent information as to why they are your hero, accomplishments and/or accolades etc. I will need at least one picture, but more is good. For questions or to submit your hero please email me directly:  charley@k99.com