My favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal is the turkey itself. There are so many ways to prepare your bird, baked, deep fried, grilled and so on but the most important thing to me is a nice crispy skin on the bird. I like a nice crispy, browned bird that looks like it fell asleep in a tanning bed for 9 hours like Snooki from Jersey Shore.

If you want your bird crispy brown with the juices sealed in, try this concoction for the perfect looking and tasty bird. While your gobbler is cooking keep a little sauce pan warm with some melted butter, a bit of sherry vinegar, some whole peppercorns and dried sage and thyme in it. Every 30 minutes or so take that bird out and give it a nice little bath in the mixture. You will be thrilled with the look and taste of your holiday meal. Happy Thanksgiving!