This past Saturday (Oct 29) was Windsor's "Trick-Or-Treat Street" day- as hundreds of kids with their parents visited local businesses to get lots of goodies!

For several years, Charley Barnes has been dressing up the outside of the station with all of his Halloween gear-- lots of spooky stuff!

But this year, we decided to bring it all inside to help ramp it up a bit!

All the kids (well, the ones who weren't spooked to bad :) ) had a lot of fun...

Come and watch the video as we take you through!

We saw just a TON of kids on Saturday! Great costumes like- The Minions from "Despicable ME'"; Urkel from "Family Matters"; one kid was Allstate''s "Mayhem Guy". Great stuff.

Charley, his son Cade and myself got to the station around 11:30 to prep K99 for its annual haunting... and decided to do it INSIDE this year... and busted it for an hour and a half -non-stop to get ready for the 1pm start.

We barely made it..but we did.  And entertained a lot of folks that day!

Take a look!

We are looking forward to 2012's Halloween!!

Let us know if you have any suggestions to help SPOOK IT!