My Ashley lived to serve others and one group that really caught her attention was special needs. When I read this story today, I had to share it.


Amongst other extracurricular activities, my Ashley was a member of the Connections Club at Rocky Mountain High School. A club that assists special needs kids in their everyday lives, creating the most main stream experience possible. She would even chaperone them to dances, football games and bowling. So this waiter in Houston likely has a star next to his name, placed there by a special angel by the name of Ashley E D Fischer.

What started out as a typical night out for dinner could have easily left a bad taste in the mouth(s) of Milo Castillo's family, but it didn't. Although the words of one insensitive man very well could have turned the night ugly.

Michael Garcia, a server at Laurenzos Prime Rib in Houston treats his regulars like family and often times would pick 5 year old Milo up and carry him to his table. (Milo has Downs Syndrome) On this particular night, Milo, who speaks slowly was excited about his new words that he had learned and was telling his table and Garcia the words. The table next to them asked to be moved, with one man adding "special needs children need to be special somewhere else". Garcia was surprised by the mans words and refused to serve him.

Garcia has worked at the restaurant for two years and did not suffer any punishment by management for his actions. In fact, he has basically been applauded for sticking up for little Milo.