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The W.O.L.F. Sanctuary, which is a facility for captive bred wolves and wolf dogs has suffered damage from three recent floods and is in need of assistance to rebuild the road and repair enclosures, ponds and the Sanctuary property. On July 5th a flash flood occurred followed by a less severe storm on July 14th and a third flood on July 28th. It was just last year that much of the sanctuary was severely damaged by the High Park Fire.

The dirt road to the Sanctuary has eroded with trenches up to three feet deep and four feet wide making them near impassable to staff and volunteers. The ponds are filled with ash and debris.  All of the wolves and wolf dogs are safe in their enclosures but ash and debris from the High Park Fire has washed into them.


  • Those interested in volunteering should contact Volunteer Coordinator Amelia Wieber at awieber@wolfsanctuary.net or 201-788-4604.
  • Those able to donate materials, their time with heavy equipment to repair roads or construction help should send an email info@wolfsanctuary.net or call 970-685-2772.
Wolf Sanctuary, Facebook