I have the greatest Dad in the world. My Dad has been my biggest supporter and influence in my life. He just seems to know when I need him. I can be having a tough time and wondering what to do, when all of sudden my phone will ring and it's my Dad on the line. He has always been my guardian angel knowing exactly what I need.

He has been the greatest example of what God intended man to be. He has shown me how a man is supposed to treat his wife and his family. He has taught me what a hard days work is. He has taught me how to be a friend. He is the reason I am what I am today. I am so blessed to have had him as my example. I hope one day my children feel the way about me that I do about my Dad.

My Dad rocks but he can not win the My Dad Rocks Contest. The voting for the contest ends at 7 tonight so make sure you vote today. We have a lot of great Dad's here in Northern Colorado, time for you to vote here.