Dear Camp Director at Western Exposure aka Aunt Kitty,

I have been missing you and Dodgie now that I'm home from fat camp.  Mom keeps fussing over me with beauty salon and dress up, walks, and ground training, but I long for my camp friends and that beautiful pasture (even though I had to wear a muzzle).  I'm still slim, you can count my ribs.

Now that I'm the 'youngster' again I have reverted to being a pest to the old mares, Lily and
my dam, Tiara. When baby Austin was around, I was a big girl.  Maybe we need a new baby in our barn...I'll ask mom about that.

Brother Mak is away getting trained so it's quite peaceful but a little boring. I'll be happy when he comes back home, too.

In this picture, I'm wearing your old saddle, breast plate, and headstall.  I love the silver heart conchos and hope to be riding well enough to be in a parade next summer. Maybe you will ride with us?

Thank you for letting me stay with you all those months.  I feel so much better now, and
can be ridden lightly. It was so fun walking out of your trailer and hearing my mom ooh and awe and exclaim how lovely I am.

Maybe we can come ride with you and Dodgie soon?


ps...meals are really skimpy at home, too.