One of the battle any parent or grandparent has with a child is getting them potty trained. We try positive words, reading books about bears who wear underwear and all sorts of tricks. I have told him he can't go to school and play with other kids until he uses only the bathroom. I have found 2 methods that have worked. He likes to pee on trees. Letting him go outside on a tree has been a great method when we are out back playing. What guy doesn't like to pee on a tree? The other thing that has worked is that I told him when he is completely potty trained I will take him for a ride on the Harley. Every time he goes to the toilet now he says "Can we ride the motorcycle now papa?" I told him we were very close and he smiles and high fives me. I think he has finally got it down now and this weekend we are going to ride around the block on the Harley. Well done Zander. You have earned your wings. Don't ever underestimate the power of 2 wheels.