Urban legends and campfire stories are made to scare us, but some legends have proven to be, at least a little bit true.
Urban Myth No.4


  • The dead body under a hotel mattress. The story goes that a couple complained about an odor in their room, housekeeping re-cleaned the room only to have the couple still complain. In the morning the couple found a dead body under their bed. In fact, this has happened in many places Las Vegas, Kansas City and New Jersey. Think about it, when a criminal acts out, the guy or gal ain't necessarily working with a full load and thinks that's a good place to dump the body, even if he did use his credit card for the room.
  • Humans can lick too: this one is just gross, so the girl is left alone while her parents go out and they tell her that she will be safe because the family dog will protect her. Well, it comes time for bed... she dangled her hand off the edge of the bed and her dog licked her hand from under the bed, she laid there for awhile and was distracted by a dripping sound but didn't know where it was coming from. The girl got up a few times looking for the noise and going back to bed to have her dog lick her hand. She couldn't fall asleep so she listened carefully and followed the sound, she found her dog hanging with a note that said "Humans can lick too"
  • The Clown Statue: A babysitter had put the children to bed and was alone in the living room when she finally couldn't take the creepy looking clown statue in the room any longer, she called the father of the kids and asked if he minded if she put a blanket over the statue, he told her to call 911 and get out of the house, the didn't own a clown statue.
  • The Hook: Classic story, boys meets girl, wants to make out with girl, drives her to secluded area and turns on mood music. Just as the boy dives in for kisses the radio station breaks into the song and warns the area that a mad man with a hook has escaped from the asylum. The girl is frightened and wants to go home, the boy says we will be fine and locks all the doors, then dives in for more kisses. She is too scared and the now angry boy drives quickly out of the woods and takes her home. As she is getting out she screams, a hook was stuck in the car door handle.
  • A Killer in the backseat: A woman goes out with the girls for some fun and beverages and stays out pretty late, on her way home a car is following her flashing their lights. The woman is scared and keeps driving all the way home only to notice the car was still there, as she gets out of her car the other driver runs towards her, she called 911. The police came and almost arrested the guy in the car following her until they heard his story, as he was following behind her he saw a silhouette of a man with a knife in her backseat and was trying to warn her, sure enough, there was a man crouched down in the backseat of her car.

What Urban Legends scare you? Do you believe in any? NO? Then have you ever said Bloody Mary in your mirror late at night, would you? Or have you ever called the Candy man?  Don't forget to look under the bed tonight.