With nearly 12 thousand unemployed Fort Collins residence it seem almost impossible to believe, but current unemployment numbers show fewer unemployed residence today than in September. In reviewing the unemployment patterns for Fort Collins, I found that although the national average is holding steady for some time now at 9.1%, Fort Collins numbers fell to 6.7% last month. The new numbers for today have Fort Collins pacing nicely against unemployment numbers from a year ago. In fact, the unemployment trend over the last year has Fort Collins well ahead of the game. Last October (2010) unemployment rates for the area were at 7.3%

There were 137,200 jobs in Fort Collins, Colorado in September 2011 according to the CES survey of employers. The CPS survey of households showed 165,100 employed persons for the month. Fort Collins added 200 jobs in September 2011 according to the CES survey while the broader CPS measure of employment rose by 815. [deptofnumbers.com/employment/colorado/fort-collins/]

The numbers for Fort Collins are well below the national trends and rival our immediate neighbors. Unemployment rates are on track with Fort Collins for Cheyenne, WY (6.7%) and Tulsa, OK (6.4%).  Other neighboring states such as Utah, New Mexico and Kansas are at or above 7 percent. And the unemployment rate for our neighbor Nebraska dips to 3.8% in some cities (Lincoln).

Although statistics good or bad don't mean there will be presents under the tree or that the light bill will get paid this month it is refreshing to see that Fort Collins numbers are improving. It is always nice to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I know that a 1% decrease in unemployed residence doesn't seem like much to celebrate in one years time, but the forecast looks good as long as current trends continue.

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