North Dakota field goal kicker Zeb Miller made a career-best 54-yard field goal with 1:52 remaining to lift the visiting Fighting Sioux (5-3) over the Bears (0-9) yesterday afternoon at Nottingham Field. Northern Colorado returns to Big Sky Conference play next Saturday as they travel to Flagstaff for a match-up with Northern Arizona (2-4).

"All I can say about this is that it's tough," said Head Coach Earnest Collins Jr. "It's tough to see your kids fight—you all got to excuse me if I get emotional—but it's tough to see your kids fight they way they fought today, and for it to escape them like that. I've experienced some great seasons in my career, and, so I'm not in this for 'self;' I'm in this for these kids and for them to have success. When your kids fight through the adversity we fought through today and it still comes up short, it's tough. It's tough to tell them at the end, because [there's] really no answer. Yeah, we got to protect the quarterback and we got to hang onto the football and things like that, but it's just tough. It's kind of like when you have your own kids, your biological kids, and things are happening to them, and you don't have the answer for them as a parent.