Greg Gibson, meet Torii Hunter's cleat. Ouch! Now that is gonna leave a  mark. Turns out he didn't get hurt nearly as bad as it looks like he could have so that is always good news but if this/these aren't contenders so far for sports photo of the year I don't know what is.

The collision happened Wednesday night during the fifth inning between the Angels and Indians as Torri Hunter was attempting to score on a double and Greg Gibson put himself into the best position to make the call and by the looks of it, he was a tad to close.

One would think after seeing these pics that the damages would have been severe but Gibson only received a few stitches out of the deal but it could have been worse according to Torii Hunter.


Much worse!

Torri Hunter told reporters after the game that he had actually been laced up with metal spikes just Sunday and Monday and then switched to plastic on Tuesday then wore them again for luck on Wednesday.

Talk about lucky!