OK, here's our aahhh story of the weekend. A baby fawn was rescued from rising waters on Friday, June 3rd. The Larimer County Dive Team, and Larimer County Emergency Services, assisted the Department of Wildlife in rescuing a two day old fawn according to the Larimer County Sheriff's Office.

According to a press release:

Members of the dive team swam out to the island, which was becoming smaller and smaller due to the rising water of the river. Members on the bike bridge lowered a recovery bag to the divers, who secured the fawn inside of it. The fawn was hoisted up to the bridge where it was handed over to Department of Wildlife Officers.  Officers placed the fawn in the grass, close to where its mother was seen.

After responding to many human rescues in the last few weeks, the Larimer County Dive Team, who are all volunteers, enjoyed the change of pace assisting in an animal rescue.