Anyone who has an epoxy coated garage or shop floor will tell you it was money well spent.  Now, you can save up to 60% of your money AND make life easier.

Northern Colorado Protective Coatings

Let's face it, for too many of us, our garage and/or shop is our sanctuary, and if you make your living in it, the floor actually becomes an intricate part of your business. We're not just talking about a mechanics shop, or an industrial shop floor; could be the floor in your bakery, salon or leather shop and of course, the place many of us call our 'man cave' - the garage.  Doesn't matter what kind of floor, an epoxy coated floor simply can't be beat.

The folks at Northern Colorado Protective Coatings right here in Windsor are going to be featured in our online auction this yea,r which kicks off next week. So, this is your official heads up on a screaming deal that will go quickly. The value on this is around $2,300, but you could walk away with it for only $920 next week.

Northern Colorado Protective Coatings have been in business for almost two decades, and not only do they cover and protect any concrete surface, they're also masters with asphalt applications when it comes to patching, sealing cracks and line striping.

The deal from Northern Colorado Protective Coatings is only one of many deals in the Northern Colorado Auction, and they are all items or services you are already looking for. The online auction kicks off Monday, March 17th and ends at 8 p.m. Wednesday, March 19th. To see a preview of every single item and/or service, just click here.