Well, you DO have to admit that it's smart- taking all that 'stuff' that animals produce and using it constructively.

Get the details on how your next trip to The Denver Zoo-- you'll be looking for this vehicle--- or maybe avoiding it!

They are very popular in Thailand- rickahaws.  Some are human powered, some are bicycle-like and some are motorized. The motorized ones make a certain sound: 'tuk-tuk-tuk-tuk-tuk', so they're affectionately called "Tuk Tuk"s.

The Denver Zoo has a Tuk Tuk-  and they're using it not just for chores, but to demonstrate how waste can be turned into electricity.

With all the animals a The Denver Zoo, there is literally tons of animal scat- droppings-- poop.

Engineers at the zoo are using new technology to take that poop, along with regular garbage, and turn it into 'syngas' which can then can be burned to generate electricity that charges the batteries of the zoo's Tuk Tuk.

Here's the scoop on the poop from The Denver Post-


This is the second use of 'syngas' at the zoo. The first, was a blender that they made margaritas for the staff with!  Again, SMART!

Pretty cool, huh?  Eventually The Denver Zoo hopes to have 20% of its power needs met by using the poop and garbage "syngas' .