You are naughty. This is not what you think it is about. I am talking about sleeping here. My wife and I, and I think most married couples, have been sleeping on the same sides of the bed for all of our married life. Every night when we go to bed there is her side of the bed and my side of the bed and we never switch. Why is that?

It would seem that if you start each day waking up the same way it can get old and boring. We complain all the time about being predictable and doing the same old thing. What would happen if you woke up on the other side of the bed? Would you have different frame of mind? Would you feel like a different person? I am not sure but I am willing to try it out. I am going to suggest to my wife that we spice things up in the bedroom and try a new position. I am going to sleep on the right side of the bed tonight and see if it does spice things up. I may feel like a new dude when I wake up. I just hope I don't instinctively roll to my usual side of the bed and crush my wife in her sleep.

Here is a video of Little Big Town's new hit "Your Side Of The Bed"


Do you sleep on the same side of the bed every night?