The K99 truck giveaway with Ehrich Nissan is going to be held on June 16th. You are going to many many chances to win yourself a key. Be listening to win on air, online and live at our broadcasts. We are all so excited to give you this truck.

Dave Jensen sent me a message over the weekend and said he was not going to shave until we give the truck away and asked for my comments. I suggested that we all not shave until the truck is gone. When hockey teams reach the playoffs many of them will not shave until the playoffs are over. They call them "playoff beards". I thought, why not have all of us grow "truck beards"? I can hardly wait to see how long Susan and D's beards will be. Seriously I am one of the least hairy men in the world aside from my head so this should be interesting. Whenever I try to grow a beard it ends up looking like a summer beard. Summer here and summer there. It won't be pretty.

How can you WIN the K99 Ehrlich Nissan Titan Truck?

K99 and Ehrlich NissanColorado’s Only Five-Time Nissan Owner First Award of Excellence Winner are ready to give you a brand new 2012 Nissan Titan truck! K99 Country Club Members, you can enter to win a key online.

Plus, make sure you listen to K99 each weekday! K99 will play the cue-to-call FIVE times a day 7a, 8a, 10a, 2pm and 4pm. When you hear it be the 9th caller at 1-800-500-2K99! The 9th caller will win a key.

You can also stop by Ehrlich Nissan 2625 35th Avenue in Greeley and enter to win a key. Online and Ehrlich Nissan keys winners will be announced on Friday afternoons with Charley Barnes on K99!