Todd Harding, TSM

It was my latest get rich quick scheme.  My wife's Dad let us borrow his metal detector while we were on vacation.  We were camping at Red Feather's Dowdy Lake, so we pulled out the metal detector with visions of treasure dancing in our heads.

Jenny did all the work.  She went on the search with the Garrett Metal Detector in hand. She was out for about an hour or so and the thing was constantly beeping.  I was seeing dollars signs.  That is until I saw what she found.


  • A fish hook
  • A lead fishing weight
  • 2 bread ties
  • 2 pop can tabs
  • 2 melted pieces of metal
  • A gum wrapper
  • A piece of aluminum foil
  • A piece of wire
  • A Yogurt lid
Jenny Harding, For TSM