Courtesy of Trace Adkins

Trace Adkins put on amazing show for nearly 10 thousand screaming fans Saturday Night at the last concert this year at the Greeley Stampede. I can't always stay for every concert that I go to because of the hours that I work, but I had to stay for this one. I like every song that Trace sings, from "I Left Something Turned on at Home" to "Then They Do" to "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk".

I got the Chance to meet Trace when my wife and I escorted a group of K99 winners backstage to meet Mr. Adkins. I had met Trace a couple time, but I didn't remember just how big he is.  He is incredibly tall, has enormous hands, and has massive guns. I think my wife got some drool on him while we were backstage. Oh, and his speaking voice is deeper than whale poop.

The coolest part of the meet-and-greet for me was when I thanked Trace for doing an interview with Brian and me earlier in the week.  Then Trace told me he had been listening to K99 all day and thanked me for the kind words from Brian, Charley, and me.