I must have been snoring in the sand, I didn't realize that Eddie Vogel was Trace Adkins, that is until he spoke. He and his biker buddies pull over Mathew McConaughey in an early scene in the Lincoln Lawyer. Last night my extra large tub of buttered popcorn and I enjoyed every minute of this movie.

All my talk yesterday about movie theatre popcorn and nutritional labels left me craving a big tub of popcorn. So, after a quick glance at what was out there to see, I decided on Lincoln Lawyer starring Mathew McConaughey, Marissa Tomei, William H. Macey and Ryan Phillppe. The movie is based on the 16th novel by American crime  writer Michael Connelly. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Lincoln_Lawyer) Its a relatively familiar tale of a hot shot lawyer, McConaughey, who thinks he is bigger than life and riding high making deals for drug dealers and gangsters until he meets Ryan Phillppe' character, Loius Roulet. While there are expected turns with some overdone  plotting this movie did often nearly two hours of entertainment.

One of the most delicious surprises for me was the long haired giant we all know as Trace Adkins. I watched him roll into the scene on a motorcycle and walk that famous walk up to the 'Lincoln Lawyers' Lincoln. He leans into the window and immediately I say to myself, Trace? I really feel like I have lived in a cave, I had no idea he was in this movie. I don't know how I missed knowing he had a role in this film, but  I am glad that I didn't miss it. He carries his role very well. Trace is a natural in front of the camera. His smooth style on stage while singing our favorite songs follows him onto the big screen. He actually has three separate scenes so there are plenty of opportunities to catch him. (My co-worker and friend, Karen, will be very happy to hear that.) Five thumbs up for Trace Adkins as Eddie Vogel. As for the movie, I give it three tubs of popcorn and in today's world of films, that's not bad.

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