Toyota unveiled a new concept car recently called the ME.WE, that is built with an "anti-excess vehicle" in mind from it's light tread on the environment with every touch of its electric-powered wheels and no gadgets, at all.

The main idea behind the ME.WE was a vehicle that met as many demands as possible without surrounding us in two tons of steel, leather and carbon dioxide "that took more from the environment that it could ever replace."

The car/truck/convertible has an aluminium minicar frame with adaptable shapes. For example, you could transform the vehicle into a pickup during the week or a convertible for the weekend. All of the windows, including the windshield, can be lowered and the front seat is basically a futon.

It's powertrain is lithium-ion batteries in the floor that turn four electric motors in each wheel hub. It has a bamboo dash, floor and roof with recycled polypropylene plastic for the body panels.

Sure, sounds perfectly safe to me.  Would you drive one?