Reunion Island is a French tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean just East of Madagascar. It’s known for world-class waves, beautiful swimming beaches and like any tropical region, it has sharks. The Indian Ocean is full of them. But Reunion is tired of the sharks and plan on killing 90 of them.

This knee-jerk decision is coming from the most recent fatal attack on a 15-year-old girl earlier this month. It's the second deadly attack in three months and the fifth since 2011. So, to protect tourism and their image, the French-controlled island has announced an absurd plan to stop the bloodshed.  Kill the sharks!

NEWSFLASH:  Sharks live in the ocean!  IT'S THEIR HOME!

So between now and October 1st, 45 Bull Sharks and 45 Tiger Sharks will be killed. Seriously? That's the plan? Kill 90 sharks in the Indian Ocean and never again will a swimmer or surfer around Reunion Island be attacked by a predator?

Brilliant!  I am pulling for the sharks on this one!  Here's the deal:  If you surf and don't want to be eaten by a shark then DON'T PLAY IN THEIR YARD!  Next up we'll just start killing all the Tigers, Bears and other mean things that kill for a living!  Geeeeesh...