I have literally heard it all!  As if most residents of Topeka weren't embarrassed enough to be the home of the most hated cult in America, they now have to endure the ridicule of this latest story coming out of Topeka. This one may just blow your mind!

It seems as though Mayor Bill Burten has been asked by Police Chief Ron Miller to impose a ban on all ball caps and hooded sweatshirts.  True story...

Let me say this again.  Mayor Bill Burten on the advice of Police Chief Ron Miller wants to BAN ALL BALL CAPS!

Police Chief Ron Miller:

In some recent Topeka photos, the hood of a sweatshirt makes it very hard to identify them...

Really?  Recently?  Duh!  Do City of Topeka officials really not have a clue. Chief Miller said it has worked well in other cities.  What cities?  I can't find one city who has imposed this ban.  Like this idea is going to stop or even slow down robberies.  How much tax money did they spend on this study.

Mayor Bill Burten:

Have a sign that says please remove your hat or lower your hoodie so the camera can see who's there.

I'm OK with a sign!  I really am.  He makes a good point about not being able to see the face of  a criminal.  But hey, guess what!  They will just start wearing a ski mask then we will have to outlaw skiing!  Oh wait. Lots of them already do.


If your going to ban hats and hoodies then how about sunglasses to since you can't see the whites of their eyes.


It just blows my mind, for starters, that they will allow teens to walk around with their pants basically around their ankles but that's OK.


How about the Topeka PD never citing the westboro baptist church for all their flagrant violations that have been witnessed this past year and documented.  How does the wbc cult get away with things that would land you or I in jail! Seriously, it's obvious to most who witness this stuff {me included} that the wbc is allowed to get away with whatever because the city is scared of another lawsuit.


City officials in Topeka are already being watched and have been for quite some time by the entire country and one would think they have much bigger fish to fry than to decide on our wardrobe choice of the day.

Many people disagree with the Mayor's idea, but he believes it's a small request to reduce crime.

A small request?  What a slap in the face...and Mayor Bill doesn't even own a hat or hooded sweatshirt of any kind. How convenient.

I wouldn't have a quarrel with it. Now, I don't have a hoodie and I don't have a ball cap, but if I did I'd take it off. Most people take their hats off when they go into a store anyway. Well, they used to.

Get off the hat ban and try something more worthwhile, like getting rid of your own foul and festering infestation you got going on there for starters! Grow a spine, drop a pair and do something good for your community...they'll thank you for it and you will be a National Hero.