I'm talking about the things that we'll never forget, the things that formed us and helped us becoming the outstanding people we are today. Your kids are gonna be so lost, especially if for some reason technology crashes and we have to boil water over a stove or rely on a telephone to communicate.

  •  Dial up internet (and the noises that came from your computer when it was dialing and connecting)
  • A land line phone or better yet a rotary phone
  • Walkman/Portable Cd players
  • The joy of a bowl of cereal and Saturday morning cartoons
  • Passing notes in class (does anyone still know how to write?)
  • Talking to one another at the dinner table
  • Slow starting computers (I remember when I used to log in and then going and cooking dinner only to find it still hadn't connected to the internet)
  • record playerand listening to the static or if you got lazy the needle just riding the inside rim (I miss a record player AND album covers)