There's nothing I dislike more than seeing a car accident, yes I am hyper-sensitive these days, but the accidents I see are just stupid. I decided to look into the most reported reasons for car accidents, so that I could be fair and quick thinking they're all just because of stupidity. Here are the top ten reason for a car accident that I found.



  1. Cell Phone Usage:  And yes this does include TEXTING while driving
  2. Changing Radio or CD:  Many people take this 'small' multi-tasking activity as simple and a no brainer, point of the matter it isn't and is the number 2 cause for car accidents.
  3. Eating in the Car: Eating and drinking while driving has proved to be dangerous, think about the time you swerved when you dropped lettuce out of your burger or the lid came off the top of your drink or you spilled coffee on your light colored shirt.
  4. Rubbernecking: Typically you have to take your eyes off of the road and become unaware of the roadway in front of you while trying to see why and how and the gore of the other accident, you quickly can become the next accident
  5. Drunk Driving: Don't think that I need to elaborate on this one-don't do it-PERIOD
  6. Drug Use: What's a drug? That prescription from the doctor that says you shouldn't drive while taking it is a drug, we aren't just talking about illegal or semi-illegal drugs here.
  7. In Car Distractions:Tending to a child, rummaging through your purse, putting on mascara, fixing your hair or tie... these are all small distractions that you don't even think twice about, while driving you need to be alert at all times.
  8. Speeding and Reckless Driving: Again not much explanation here, your reaction times are cut almost in half when driving too fast or reckless adding time to potentially stopping suddenly or just being aware in general
  9. Bad Weather: Here is a situation when there are white outs, blowing snow and just plain old fashioned bad visibility, but you drive like it was sunny and 75-bad idea, no matter how "good" your vehicle is.
  10. Bad Road Conditions: This is unpredictable, the road can be dry with an occasional black ice patch, compacted with snow etc... just because you have 4-wheel drive and are an awesome driver, accidents happened and your recklessness with your false sense of security is gonna land you in the ditch or into another vehicle.

You know personally that I don't have all the answers and that two of my own children likely died because of either #7 or #2 (that I will never be able to reslove, but knowing them, that is what I believe happened) Please don't become a statistic, I know that I couldn't stop my own from making these stupid mistakes and wonder if you'll even listen, but if one driver benefits from this list, than that's one family that doesn't have to go through the thing's mine has had to face since June 2012.

Be safe and please know I mean well.