When it comes to food I am so fussy with expiration dates, if it says it expires tomorrow I will likely not eat it today, but there are some things I just don't know about, like eggs. With these little secrets you can save food you thought was bad and in some cases know if they are bad also how to save food longer.


I was inspired by a Facebook post by a girlfriend of mine to research some kitchen secrets and the gems that I found will definitely come in handy in my life and hopefully yours.


  • To stop cheese from drying out (especially hard cheeses) smear the cut sides with butter before you wrap it.
  • Add a bay leaf to your flour, pasta and rice to keep bugs out.
  • Save an over salted dish, like stews and soups by dropping in a peeled raw potato (cut into wedges or whole) the potato will adsorb salt, if that fails to cure your dish try adding a tsp of sugar or a dash of cider vinegar, still having trouble try adding a low sodium broth
  • Are you eggs okay to eat, try putting them in water, if they sink they are fresh, if one end tips up they are on their way out and you should eat them soon, and if they float they're ready for the trash; those puppies are bad.
  • Burn your last bit of rice and dinner was almost done? Place a piece of white bread on top of the rice and let sit about 10 minutes, the rice will absorb most, if no all, of the burnt taste
  • If your bread is going stale, put a stalk of celery in the bag
  • When making soups and sauces that end up being a bit greasy, relax, throw in an ice cube or two and as the grease builds up on the ice remove the ice.
  • Help your milk last longer by putting in a dash of salt into the carton when you first open it
  • The trick to keeping lettuce longer is washing it, drying it, wrapping in paper towels and then putting in a storage bag
  • I know that you may laugh at the thought of extra wine or wine left over, but if you do, freeze it into ice cubes and add them to sauces and gravies, even stews and soups for added flavor

I hope that you find these kitchen secrets helpful... good luck in the kitchen and start saving money now.