You have to get cleaned up. For work, for a date, for whatever. So, you hop in the shower: It's nice and hot; you've got some soap going. Good. Now, it's time to belt out a song! The neighbors are on pins and needles wondering what today's selection will be!

I've been there- I LOVE to sing in the shower.. picking the song CAN be difficult!

There are so many songs out there- which ONE to choose?

Let me help!-- Take a look at my Top Five Songs To Sing while you get squeaky clean!

  • 5

    The Beatles: "Hey Jude"

    You don't have to sing the entire 6:31 song to get yourself pumped up: "Na...Na, Na na-na-na Na....Hey Jude!"

  • 4

    George Strait: "Amarillo By Morning"

    With this George Strait classic, you can sing along and imagine the rough life of a rodeo cowboy and say "I have it GOOD! I can do this!"

  • 3

    Ernie: Rubber Ducky

    Sure, it' s shower, not a bath; but that doesn't mean you can't sing this Sesame Street diddy! Plus, it's short- for those quick showers!

  • 2

    Beyonce: "Love On Top"

    Wake up!  This catchy number will have you singing as loud as you can into your back-scrubber!  "You're the one that love, you're the one that I need!"

  • 1

    Journey: "Don't Stop Believin'"

    Your shower may be the only place that you DARE to reach those REALLY HIGH notes that it seems only Steve Perry can nail!