Sleep used to come easy to me, now it's harder and harder than its ever been, if I fall asleep I don't stay asleep for very long. So what are the key remedies to fight this universal problem?

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  • Take a hot bath with Lavender oil, taking a shower, even hot shower will awaken you and put you in a state of alertness. Also, after you have bathed, drop a couple droplets of the Lavender oil on your pillow.
  • Warm milk, if you can handle warm milk, without cocoa sip it slowly in a low lit room and if you can't stand the taste add a couple of drops of vanilla. Milk has the same properties as turkey, tryptophane, that agent that makes us feel sleepy after our Thanksgiving meal, no it's not just cause you are full.
  • It may sound counter productive but create a low grade noise in your room such as a low running fan or faint music (something melodic) Some say that this will help you stay asleep once you fall asleep while aiding in actually falling asleep.
  • Avoid Caffeine after 2:00pm and do not consume alcohol within 3 hours of your normal bedtime.
  • Keep your bedroom cool. It's said that a warm bedroom will encourage nightmares. A cooler body will have a better chance at relaxing and staying asleep.

In the end, I'm not sure if these remedies, if you will, will help you, but I hope that you do find a more restful nights sleep because of them.