The Broncos win again! What a great team effort against the Chargers to pull out a 16-13 overtime victory. The Broncos are now 6-5 after a 1-4 start, going 5-1 since Tim Tebow has taken over the starting quarterback job. There is no secret that I am a Tebowmaniac. I love the way the guy plays the game. He is a true football warrior and has no doubt given this team a winning attitude but the success of the Broncos has been much more than Tebow. Here are my top 5 reasons, aside from Tebow, that the Broncos are winning.

Von Miller-this rookie defensive star has been everything the Broncos hoped for and more. He is on track to be the Defensive Rookie of the Year. Von has energized a defense that was near dead last in the league last year with his 10.5 sacks, 58 tackles and 3 forced fumbles. Miller along with Dumervil have become our Batman and Robin.

Eric Decker- this wide receiver from the University of Minnesota has been an unexpected star. When the Broncos traded away Brandon Lloyd to the Rams I was very concerned that they had no one to catch the ball aside from Eddie Royal. Eric has become the favorite target of Tebow hauling in 34 receptions and 7 touchdowns many have been “highlight reel” catches as well.

The Offensive Line-the entire group of Ryan Clady, Zane Beadles, J.D. Walton, Chris Kuper and Orlando Franklin have been amazing. The running game has controlled the ball because these horses know how to clear a path. Have you noticed that when Tebow does go back to pass that he seems to have minutes to throw the ball? I know part of that is that the defense is afraid to over-pursue but the lineman are keeping them off our QB. Reminds of when Alex Gibbs was our line coach in the Super Bowl years.

Willis McGahee-when Knowshon Moreno went down with his monthly injury, McGahee stepped in and has made our running game one of the most feared in the NFL. Willis has rushed for nearly 900 yards already. When you watch him run you will notice it takes several defenders to bring him down. He is running hard every time he gets the ball and keeps it tucked away.

Matt Prater-I know it seems odd to include a kicker but this guy has been rock solid. The offense the Broncos run is not one that is going to light up the scoreboard on a regular basis so it is crucial that they get points whenever they are in scoring range. When you live on close games you need a kicker who is money, Matt Prater has been solid gold money not missing a kick under 40 yards all season.

This group of Broncos is the most together as a TEAM I have seen since the late 90’s. AFC championship here we come.