My wife and I saw a ton of movies while I was on vacation.  I ate more popcorn in one week than I eat in an entire year. It was wonderful.  I liked every movie we saw, but these were my top 5.  The movie trailers are included.

5. Les Miserables

This was a very depressing movie, but anyone who knows the story already knows that. It was honestly hard to watch parts of "Les Miserables". However, the performances were so strong by Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman, it had to make my top five. One week later, I still can't get the songs out of my head! It will probably win an Oscar or two or three.

4.  Jack Reacher

This was Tom Cruise's latest movie and it's a good one.  It was my wife's favorite movie that we saw. It was surprisingly good.  Tom Cruise can still kick some serious butt.  Just a warning:  The movie does deal with a mass shooting, which may be difficult to watch after the shootings in Connecticut.

3. Pitch Perfect

The movie that surprised me the most was "Pitch Perfect".  It was extremely entertaining.  If you like A Capella music, you will love this movie. It stars the girl who plays Jessica in the "Twilight" movies.  I loved the arrangements of the songs they put together for the singing competitions.

2. The Hobbit

I am a "Lord of the Rings" nerd, but I don't feel so bad because there are millions of us.  "The Hobbit-An Unexpected Journey" tells how the whole thing started and was my favorite book when I was a kid.  The movie stays very true to the book, with just a couple of things thrown in for the movie.  Nobody makes a movie like Peter Jackson. He is a creative genius. If you are not a Hobbit fan, you will think the movie is too long.  It is 3 hours long. So, don't buy a large soda or you will be making a trip to the lavatory during the movie, like I did.

1. Lincoln

Going into the movie I wasn't sure there needed to be a new movie about Abraham Lincoln. I was wrong.  All of my friends who saw "Lincoln" told me it was a great movie. They were right.  Daniel Day Lewis didn't just play Abraham Lincoln.  He became the guy on the $5 dollar bill. Not once did I think I was watching an actor playing Lincoln. It was like I was watching a documentary on Lincoln. He was brilliant and should win the Oscar.  The rest of the cast was great too and the costumes and the set were amazing. Did I mention I love Civil War history?