While these artists are known for crooning country's hottest hits, there is something they don't want their fans to know. Here's a list of the top 5 most notorious country mugshots:

1. Johnny Cash

(Courtesy of El Paso, TX, Police Dept.)

The man in black became the man in stripes when he was arrested in 1965 at the El Paso International Airport for having over 1000 illegal drugs in his possession.

2. Wynonna Judd

(Courtesy of Nashville, TN, Police Dept.)

Arrested in 2003 for DUI, Judd received an 11 month suspended sentence and walked away after paying a $350 fine. Think that smirk means she got off easy?

3. Willie Nelson

(Courtesy of Hudspeth County Sheriff's Dept.)

It's no surprise that the marijuana-friendly singer would eventually get busted for his habit and end up on our countdown. In 2010, six ounces of kind bud was found on his tour bus in Sierra Blanca, TX. Nelson joins the likes of Fiona Apple, Snoop Dogg and countless other celebs who were also busted for pot possession.

4. Randy Travis

(Courtesy of Grayson County Sheriff's Office)

2012 sure was a rough year for the "Honky Tonk Moon" singer. He was busted for public intoxication when he was found in a church parking lot drinking from a bottle of wine. The year didn't get any better for Travis, six months later police found the singer lying naked in the middle of a road reeking of booze.

5. Glen Campbell

(Courtesy of Maricopa County Sheriff's Office)

Mean muggin' at it's finest. Mr. Campbell was busted in 2003 for drunk driving and assaulting one of the police officers. The arrest resulted in a brief stay behind bars.