Tonight at The Greeley Stampede- it's Justin Moore in concert!

The question I pose is: Will he recognize ol' Dave Jensen?

Come inside and get the details of the "Dave and Justin Connection"!

It's going to be a great Friday night tonight at Island Grove Regional Park as Justin Moore takes the stage in the arena for the 90th annual Greeley Stampede!!  You'll see Brian and Todd up on stage with opener James Wesley to boot!

I'm really looking forward to this show- James is great, and Justin- well Justin Moore and I go way back.  OK, maybe not WAY back- but I've got a feeling when we meet up tonight- he may just say "Hey- I know this guy...."  Let's take a look at the Dave and Justin Connection:

When Justin Opened for brad Paisley

Brad Paisley played Denver a couple of years ago, and I took a couple of listeners down for the show that included Darius Rucker and... Justin Moore. That was the first time I met Justin- I was kind of amazed that we are about the same height- usually these Country stars make me look like a four year-old!

In vegas at the 47th annual acm awards

There's no photo for this meeting.  The story is that at the ACM Awards this past April, I went to get a couple of  beers during the show; and since it is LIVE, they don't let you back in until there's another commercial break. So, I was waiting with a bunch of other people waiting for the 'go' sign to get back to THEIR seats, and low-and-behold-- Justin Moore is BEHIND me in the line! I was holding a beer in each hand, so I couldn't take out my phone to get a pic- so, being a wiseguy, I go:  "Hey Justin!  What if you took MY picture!"  Ha ha.  He pretty much blew me off- I'm OK with that.

The 'Dave shirt' video

As soon as Justin's "Til My Last Day" song came out I was hooked on it. So one Friday night at the station, I had my stupid "Dave' shirt on and thought it would be funny to lip-dub the song-- who knows-- maybe Justin is one of the measly 102 views!

So tonight, It could go one of two ways:  "Hey bud, how ya been?" or... a restraining order.

We'll see you tonight at The Greeley Stampede!