We were so excited when Nordy's was a Seize The Deal a couple weeks ago. My wife and I bought a couple deals and decided to use one last weekend.  It was for the Nordy's Bar-B-Que & Grill's downtown location and it was fantastic!

If you like ribs, you will love, love, love Nordy's.  Jenny and I decided to share a full rack of ribs.  We also got the famous pasta-slaw and the even more famous Aunt Judy's Beans.  Jenny also ordered a side of waffle fries. Even though we only ordered one meal, it was more than enough to feed both of us.

The ribs were fall-off-the-bone wonderful. We ordered the full rack, but it was too much for both of us to eat. It makes great next-day food. We can never decide whether we like the pasta-slaw or the beans better, so we always get both. Aunt Judy's beans are magical beans ...and there is meat in there too! Lots of it!  The pasta-slaw is an incredible invention and is just what the name suggests. There is pasta and coleslaw mixed together! Delicious!

If we had brought the whole family we would have ordered the family feast.  It is a full slab of ribs, a whole chicken, Nordy's brisket or Carolina pork and smoked sausage.  It served with fries, pasta-slaw, Aunt Judy's bean, and cornbread muffins.  It say it serves 4-5, but I believe it could feed at least 6.

There are tons of BBQ places in Northern Colorado, but Nordy's is simply the best.  There are two locations:  Old Town Fort Collins & Crossroad Blvd. and County Road 5 in Loveland.