My wife and I subscribe to Netflix, so we so a lot of movies. Not all of them are gems.   Some of those movies that most of the critics hate, I actually enjoyed.  These are are my Top 5 Guilty Pleasure Movies From 2013:

5. Identity Thief

This is Melissa McCarthy's other movie from 2013.  She was brilliant in the heat.  This one was not quite as good, but is worth a watch because she is in it.

4.  The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

I was pleasantly surprised by this movie.   Steve Carell, Jim Carrey, and Steve Steve Buscemi all gave great performances.  The movie about magicians borders on being ridiculous, but has a certain sweetness to it that actually saves the movie.

3. Jack Reacher

I always enjoy a good Tom Cruise movie. He plays a great tough guy.   Those that read the book will complain that Cruise is too small to play Reacher. If you can overlook that, you will enjoy this movie.

2. Stand Up Guys

I wanted to see "Stand Up Guys" from the 1st time I saw the trailer.  I always enjoy a quirky Christopher Walken movie.  In this one, two lifetime gangsters are best buddies and one is hired to kill the other one. That all I am saying. It's worth a watch.

1. A Good Day To Die Hard

The latest in the Die Hard franchise got slammed by the critics, but I loved it.  It has the usual "that could never happen" factor that all of the other Die Hard movies had.  Set aside reality for a couple hours and enjoy one of the best action adventure movies of the year.  Sometimes the stunts are almost impossible to believe, but isn't that we go to the movies.  Watch it and you will be entertained.