Good Morning Guy Todd Harding is playing in the Fort Collins Series of Poker “Celebrity Knockout” Charity Event this weekend to benefit The Realities for Children Triumph Awards Endowment Fund! Last year Todd was the last "celebrity" standing, making it to one of the final 2 tables.  It proved that yes, there is luck involved in poker.  On Sunday, Todd gets to find out if last year was a fluke. You can still sign up to knock Todd out of the tournament!

The Fort Collins Series of Poker “Celebrity Knockout” Charity Event will begin with player registration at 10am at Sunset Event Center (242 Linden Street Fort Collins, CO) on Sunday, March 27th. Player seating and opening speeches will begin at 11:45am and the cards will fly around 12:15pm. This Texas Hold’em Tournament will give players a chance to play poker against some of the world’s top players of the game including: Tiffany Michelle, Maria Ho, Jennifer “Jennicide” Leigh, Linda Johnson, Jan Fisher and Jena Delk. You have seen them in the media on: The Amazing Race, ER, Nip Tuck, World Poker Tour, and the World Series of Poker on ESPN!. When a player “knocks out” a featured celebrity, they will receive a signed trophy and picture with that celebrity.  For more info and to sign up

There is also a very exclusive event on Saturday night!  A Night at the Four Deuces will begin at noon on Saturday March 26th, 2011. Limousines and a party bus will pick up ticket holders, and the featured celebrities, from Old Town Fort Collins and head off for VIP Tours of Odell Brewing and New Belgium Brewing Company. After seeing some of Fort Collins most prized brewing operations they will enjoy a VIP dinner at Rodizio Grill. Following dinner the guests will be transported to the estate of Jerry and Marcia Donnan, Midway Garden. The residence will host a private “meet and greet” where ticket holders will have the opportunity to mingle with their favorite celebrity and enjoy beverage service and catered desserts. The event will feature speeches by Craig Secher, President of Realities for Children, as well as a recent winner of a Triumph Awards College Scholarship. The event will be capped of with professional poker demonstrations and one on one poker instruction provided by our featured celebrities and professional poker instructors. Tickets for the Four Deuces Charity Event are a $1000.00 donation to the Realities For Children Triumph Awards Endowment Fund and are a tax-deductible 501(c)(3) charitable donation.

The Realities for Children Triumph Awards Endowment Fund was created to fund the college scholarships awarded to deserving local children who have triumphed over their abusive pasts. 100% of funds donated through the Fort Collins Series of Poker, which is Colorado’s largest charity poker tournament, are placed in the endowment fund and the interest created is used to award the youth who have triumphed over their abusive pasts and are ready to attend college.