I know I am stating the obvious here, but Gary Busey is a whacko!...And have you ever seen a picture of him where he didn't look like he just got pulled out of a dryer?  I understand he was in a motorcycle accident and suffered brain damage, but he claims to be recovered from that. The dude should not be on TV!  But, there he is for another week on Celebrity Apprentice!

Donald Trump is either an idiot or a genius.  Why hasn't he fired Gary Busey yet?  He had the perfect opportunity last night!  All of Gary's team wanted him fired.  Donald Jr. said he should be fired. Donald's daughter Ivanka said he should be fired. 99% of the people who watch the show would probably agree that he should be fired.  Yet, we watch! We watch because he is a human trainwreck! We watch to see, "What is he going to do next?" We watch to see if his head will actually explode on national TV.  I am worried that one of his team members (Meatloaf) might kill him. Trump keeps him on the show because he knows it is good for ratings.

If you haven't watched the show, John Rich of Big and Rich is on the show.  He is doing very well. He is very smart and is very talented!  He seems to be at home in the reality TV arena and knows how to play the game.   He just might win!

As for Gary Busey, the previews for next week indicate he will be the project manager.  In other words, he will be given the rope to hang himself.  Donald may be forced to fire him...unless his team wins! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!