My wife belongs to a book club called "Reading Between the Wines". Sometimes I think they are more focused on the wine than the books, but I could be wrong.  They meet once a month.  One month they will discuss the book they just read, or were supposed to read.  The next month they will do an activity that makes them do something they wouldn't normally do.  Tonight is “Meet the Men” Night. Everyone is supposed to bring their partner to The Rio Grande in Fort Collins to learn how to Salsa Dance.  Since I am a spouse, I will be dancing this evening. 

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I have never done this before...and I am scared to death.  Most guys would drink heavily before doing something like this so they wouldn't worry about making a fool out of themselves.  I can't do that. I don't drink.  I am just out there. So I am giving it a shot tonight.  I can sort of 2-step and country swing, but my dancing skills are certainly limited.  Wish me luck.

Tonight's dancing is actually tame  compared to some of the activities the Reading Between the Wines girls have tackled.  They have ridden the MyHandleBar 16-passenger bicycle/bar on wheels.  They have climbed to the top of Horsetooth Rock at night.  They have tried belly dancing.  The group has taken the Fort Collins Ghost Tour. So I guess I don't have it so bad.

Some of the books they have read include: "Prodigal Summer" by Barbara Kingsolver, "The Men I Didn’t Marry" by Janice Kaplan & Lynn Schnurnberger, "Expecting Adam" by Martha Beck, "The Red Tent" by Anita Diamant, and "Modoc" by Ralph Helper.

Kimberly Bearden, Reading Between The Wines