It's true! I am very grateful 9Health Fair exists!  Without 9Health Fair, I wouldn't have known that I needed colonoscopy. I wouldn't have known that I had a polyp. I wouldn't had it removed. Who knows, 9Health Fair may have saved my life! Charley Barnes is at the 9Health Fair at Windsor Middle School this morning! Find a fair near you at

Every 9Health Fair site offers the Basic Screenings, including the Blood Chemistry Screening ($30), PSA Screening for men ($25), the Blood Cell Count Screening ($15), and the take-home Colon Cancer Screening kit ($20). In addition, the following free screenings are available at every site: Blood Pressure/Pulse, Height/Weight/Body Mass Index and Vision. Each site also offers a medical professional with whom you can discuss health-related questions (Talk with a Health Professional). Besides these screenings sites may offer a variety of optional free screenings. We will also be offering the Vitamin D ($40) and Hemoglobin A1C ($25) screenings at a number of sites in 2011. Use the Find a Fair option on to determine which screenings are offered at each individual 9Health Fair.