Last year at our Christmas party Todd wore the ugliest sweater known to mankind. This was so hideous it was actually cute. When my wife told me that the Christmas party for her job at See Life Family Vision Center was an ugly sweater contest I asked Todd if I could borrow his breath taking garment. I was honored when he said he would trust me with this valuable pile of yarn and knick knacks.

There were 19 people at the party, which honestly was the most fun I have had a work

holiday party, and we each had to tell why we should win the contest. I was number 19 of 19 and patiently waited for my chance to campaign. When my time came I paraded the room and told the story of the explosion at Hobby Lobby that I survived and that created the sweater I was wearing. I finished with a heart felt "God Bless America" and "vote for Brian".

I am not sure how close the voting was but all I know is I am the champion and Sammi Yarkosky took second. I felt sorry for all the others who thought they had a chance until my monstrosity came through the door. I rule. Thank you to Todd for loaning the sweater and to my wife for inviting me and her coworkers for knowing ugly when they see it. HO HO HO!