I had a lot of great things to write about in 2013 and a couple things that were not so pleasant too.  These are my favorite stories from the year. I hope you will give them another look.

Jenny Harding, For TSM

This is a blog that really took off.  For some reason, a lot of people searched for it on Google.  It's the "10 Funniest Things Siri Has Said To Me On My iPhone". Siri really amuses me, so I am always asking her stupid questions.  These are some of the better answers she has given to those stupid questions.

Blake Shelton, YouTube

In the Blake Shelton song, "Boys Round Here" Blake mentions doing "The Dougie".  I had no idea what that means, so I looked it up. This is "What Is “The Dougie” – Like Blake Shelton Sings About In His Song “Boys Round Here”?"

Todd Harding, TSM

For years I have given my wife a hard time about how many pairs of shoes she owns.  However, neither one of us really knew how many pairs she had, so we counted them.  You can find the answer to "How Many Pairs of Shoes Does Todd Harding’s Wife Jenny Own?". Jenny also made a cute video too.

Todd Harding, TSM

Any woman going through "The Change" has probably had this happen to them.  Am I pregnant or is it just menopause?  That happened to my wife.  I want to make it clear that this story was her idea.  She came up with it as she was peeing on a home-pregnancy test.  See how it went down, "Todd Harding’s 48-Year-Old Wife Takes Home Pregnancy Test".

Todd's iPhone, TSM

Although this has been our best year professionally with our 25th anniversary and a CMA Award, it has also been one of the most difficult years as well.  Brian was out for nearly a month this year with a very serious infection, which was complicated by the fact that he is battling diabetes.  He was very ill. Thousands of people read my updates about Brian.  Here is a reminder of what he went through: "Update on Brian Gary’s Medical Condition".