Todd Harding, TSM

Honestly, I didn't steal the cheese from the Albertson's cheese display at Wine Fest on Friday night. They gave it to me.

A couple of the lovely ladies working the booth are big time K99 listeners.  They were kind enough to allow my wife and me to take home a couple of their display items after I repeatedly complimented their delicious cheeses.

Nobody believed me.  I was walking around with the Hilton Fort Collins with a wheel of Triple Creme Brie in hand and my wife had a wedge of Van Kaas Gouda stuffed into her under-sized handbag. "I did not steal this cheese", I said over and over.  "Yeah! Sure!", was the typical reply. Luckily we made it to my truck without being accosted by security.

I melted the Gouda over our scrambled eggs Saturday morning. It was unmatched cheesy deliciousness.  A big thanks to those cheese angels from Albertson's and a big thank you to Disabled Resource Services for a wonderful evening at Wine Fest.