Courtesy of Derek Brown

My wife is a beautiful woman; perhaps the most beautiful woman I know...and very photogenic.  No matter what I do throughout the year, she is there.  She is usually the one behind the camera, so we have many more pictures of me than we do of her.

However, every once in a while I get to turn the camera on her. Sometimes people will take a picture of us together that will actually turn out.

Jenny is always such a good sport.  When I asked her to pose with all of her shoes, she said, "No Problem".  It was really her idea to do the blog about her thinking she might be pregnant. Jenny's Burse is something that people still ask me about.   She also doesn't mind when I make fun of her for doing things like knitting while camping. I just want to say "Thanks Honey! I love you!"

Please enjoy the pictures of my gorgeous wife, Jenny Lyn Harding.