We used to have a guy who worked with us who always left his coffee cup on the bumper of his car. Sometimes he would come to work the next day and the cup would still be there with the cold coffee it. I always wondered to myself, "Who would do that?" I have become that guy!

Yesterday we had an all-staff meeting at the Boot Grill. They made some wonderful burritos, but there were some left over. So, I took one with me for lunch. As I was walking out of The Boot, one of my co-workers told me his battery had gone dead on his motorcycle and he needed a jump. I had some jumper cables in the back of my truck, so I set the burrito on the bumper while we got his bike started.

Then I jumped in the truck and headed back to the radio station. Over 7 miles later, I pulled into the parking lot and was surprised to be greeted by a couple people laughing their heads off. I had driven all the way back, going 75 mph on I-25, down the Windsor Hill, turning  numerous times, and the burrito never budged. It was still there! Red-faced, and kind of proud of my driving skill, I put the tasty breakfast treat in the radio station fridge to save for lunch...and yes, I ate the burrito.

What have you left on your vehicle? Tell us in the comment section below: