Todd Harding, TSM

My wife woke me up on Sunday morning with a bloodcurdling scream. "Todd get down here!" I ran downstairs so fast I didn't even bother to get dressed. Since I don't wear pajamas, I was standing there buck naked, looking at a flooded basement.

Our hot water heater had rusted through and was leaking water onto our basement floor. Unfortunately our basement is packed with lots of stuff in cardboard boxes. It's amazing how big the pile can get after being married for 20 years. After Jenny shut off the water, I finally put on some pants and started mopping and toweling and squeegeeing like a madman with my wife.

Then, thankfully, Jenny's Mom came over to help. The three of us had it cleaned up in a few hours. We had to throw a few things out, but we were very fortunate. The worst part is we still don't have running water, since most repairmen don't do Sundays. So, we spent the night with my in laws. Sure love our family.

Thank goodness none of Jenny's shoes were destroyed!