Today is "Water a Flower Day", as is every May 30th.  Why couldn't we have celebrated that holiday last week?  That's when my Wife left town for a week and left me in charge of the plants. While she was gone, I killed her Pansies! Today is a holiday that could have saved them.

I forgot to water them. Yes, I am a Pansy killer! I didn't mean to.  I just forgot. I got busy. My brain doesn't work as well as it used to and even then it was running on low power.  When it comes to plants I either starve them or drown them.   Luckily my wife is very forgiving.

I also forgot to get the mail. Thank goodness there was nothing I could kill in our mailbox.

At least I remembered to feed the cats.  They wouldn't let me forget! Just look at em', the poor little starving creatures.

So don't forget to water your flowers today! It's a holiday! Celebrate - so you don't do to your Pansies, what I did to Jenny's.