I know it is cliche, and people from almost everywhere say it, but I truly couldn’t be more proud to say I am from Colorado. I have yet to meet someone in my 25 years of being here that has said they hate the place, and not too many that make it here ever leave. Sure the state has faced its fair share of turmoil of late, but they way we have come together makes me even more proud to be a Coloradoan. Today we celebrate Colorado Day.

August 1st marks Colorado’s admittance as the 38th state of the Union in 1876, thus calling today Colorado Day. Our friends at 7News in Denver have also called today “We Believe in Colorado Day,” a day to celebrate why we are proud to be Coloradans.

In times of tragedy and hardship, our state shows its strength. So today you can show your support for our state, our communities, our neighbors in Aurora and everyone affected by the movie theater tragedy and the wildfires by flying the Colorado flag and wearing the colors of our flag — red, white, blue and gold.

7News has also put together many Colorado themed activities on their website.

Happy Colorado Day!