It was back in the early 70's. I can remember the day so well. I wasn't even 10 years old when dad came home with a new toy for my brother Mike and I. It was this yellowish looking thing with wires coming out the back and hooked up to the black and white TV in the basement. It was PONG! The first home video game ever and WE HAD IT!

We already thought we were cool but now we truly were. We had a game you could play at home on your own TV. This was groundbreaking stuff. We would sit and play for hours with our friends. It is amazing how mesmerized we were by that single little blip of light going back and forth across the screen bouncing off the line segments, aka paddles, that we controlled up or down. If we really wanted to get crazy you could play doubles and have four line segments on the screen at the same time. That was for when you wanted to really show off. I actually just downloaded Pong on my phone the other day and even after 40 plus years, it still rocks. Happy birthday Pong. Thanks for the decades of fun. Check out the history of this groundbreaking game.