Toby Keith has made it very clear that he will not be in attendance at tonight's CMA Awards.  In fact, the only award he was up for he won early this morning but that's why Toby won't be in Nashville tonight.

As the first awards for the 2012 CMA Awards were announced this morning during ABC’s ‘Good Morning America,’ Toby Keith was ironically one of the first winners for ‘Red Solo Cup’ which garnered "Music Video of the Year."

But Toby earlier made it very clear he would not be in attendance stating,

Hell no, I ain’t showing up. I gotta go get a root canal that day, or something fun


In fact, Keith hasn't been nominated since 2005. He's had several platinum albums and No. 1 singles in the last seven years and nada. And if you are keeping score at home, Toby Keith has only had two wins; out of 27 nominations. This awards were for Male Vocalist of the Year in 2001 and Music Video of the Year for ‘As Good as I Once Was’ in 2005.

All of my peers that are hard ticket sellers, successful people, at the top of the game we play every day, about every one of them has had a certain amount of crossover play: Taylor, Tim, Keith, Flatts, Faith. I was always the one guy in that generation that didn’t. Pop stations were always like, ‘He is so country, we’re not going to play him’ and I always took pride in that.

Here's how I read into all this.  Toby feels like (and so do I to a point) that the reason he is not being nominated for these big awards is because he is competing with artist who are "selling out" and doing more 'pop-country' songs to get them played on several formats. It only makes sense that those songs are reaching many more people and thus garnering bigger numbers.

There aren't many true hardcore, to the roots, country artist' anymore. Toby is!  In fact, he is like the Ted Nugent of country music and feels like country should be country and judged accordingly.

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